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Online cosmetology courses are very helpful for the people who want to take a distance-learning approach to career training but do not have sufficient time to go out. Online Cosmetology degree consists of the specialized courses for maintaining beauty and the useful tips for looking much better. Online Cosmetology degrees offers complete package of knowledge and skills of cosmetology. The courses of cosmetology develop the new skills and uncover the hidden talents.

Renew Your Cosmetology License Online in Florida


Cosmetology is the art of aesthetically enhancing the appearance of skin, hair, nails, face and neck. As a licensed cosmetologist, you can enjoy lifelong job stability, independent work environment, financial security and a complete job satisfaction.

The state of Florida requires that in order to apply for a cosmetology license, the applicant must have successfully completed 1200 hours of education at a Florida cosmetology school and have passed both portions of the cosmetology examination. The validity of this license is two years and you need to successfully complete a 16-hours continuing education cosmetology course to renew your license after every two years. You can also renew your cosmetology license online in Florida.

The state of Florida also provides endorsements to cosmetology license from other states if their license requirements are equal to or greater than those of the state of Florida. If not, you will be required to complete the deficient number of hours by taking up additional credit hours to be eligible to apply for the Florida cosmetology license.

There are many online schools and institutes that offer online cosmetology education courses. These courses include a 4-hours HIV/AIDS course and many others like hair styling, cutting, hair and scalp treatments, make-up, chemical work, manicuring, pedicures and facials.

These courses are taught via live lectures where you can participate through video or web conferencing and can also study through course material present online. These extensive courses prepare the students to be fully equipped with the latest knowledge and skills associated with cosmetology techniques.

Apart from studying for cosmetology courses, you can also study the 16-hours continuing education program required for license renewal through the Internet. The licensing renewal itself is also available online and as a resident of this state you will be able to renew your cosmetology license online in Florida if you want. The renewal application process right from the beginning to end is available online and all you have to do is log in with your given username and password.

The growth potential of this industry is at a continuous increase, though the level of increase varies by specialty. Overall, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics claims an increase in cosmetology jobs for the coming few years. As a licensed cosmetologist you can get a job at a salon, teach in a beauty institute, and work as a personal stylist or a beauty consultant or even open up your own business if your finances allow it.

The aesthetic sense in human beings will always keep the cosmetologists on job. And as a licensed one you can enjoy even far greater financial and growth prospects. An active and updated license will greatly help you in this. Do not wait for the license expiration date to approach nearer. Renew your cosmetology license online in Florida today and save your clients from having a bad hair day. Good luck.


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